Thursday, August 19, 2010

"But hey man, the question is....."

I took Billie to Spencer's new shop so he could have a look see. We knew were going to adjust the chain, but more importantly hoped to figure out why the chain was loosening so quickly and so much.
We think we found the problem. Of course, it was something very simple and yet unexpected. But, this post isn't about Billie's mechanical issues.
The plan had been for me to bring Billie in after work and hang around to help Spencer as he worked. When things were finished I was going to ride her home. That's not how things worked out. I had to leave her there for the night. We arranged a ride home for me. It was only then I found out Spencer had a migraine. He hadn't let on as we'd worked on my bike.
There was a time in my life when migraines were all too common of an occurrence and even though those times seem to be past, I still remember them vividly. I wouldn't wish a migraine on my worse enemy. Well, maybe I would on my very worse enemy, but I would at least hesitate a moment before I did it.
Spencer assured me he'd have my bike back on the road the next day and so home I went.
We left it that I'd call Spencer around noon the next day and check on his progress. Of course when I called him my first question was, "How's your head doing?" He said it was much better and that the headache had broken. He immediately said, "But hey man! the question is: How's your bike?" He seemed genuinely surprised I asked how he was feeling.
Later, I mentioned the conversation to my sweetie. She said she wasn't surprised at Spencer's reaction. She told me she thought most people wouldn't have asked at all about how he was feeling. And, if they did ask, it would have been after finding out the status of their bike. She figured they would begin the question with this phrase: "Oh, by the way..." She added that she wasn't surprised I asked. She said I was special like that.
Being special is most often a good thing, but in this case I'm not pleased. Actually, I am sad. I didn't like finding out what I thought was common courtesy is uncommon.
I did pick Billie up after work. Here is some pictures:
Here's Spencer and Billie. Spencer has just moved into this new location. It is on the grounds of the old Lemp Brewery

Here's the entrance to his new shop. The ramp is hidden by the car. This is one of the oldest buildings in the complex and dates to before the Civil War.

It is a marvelous old place. It had a nice feel. I hope he's happy and successful there.

After I left Spencer I still had time to head over to the St. Louis Scooter Club Wednesday Night Meet Up at the Bottleworks. The plan for the evening had been to go for a ride down and around Jefferson Barracks and then to Benton Park Cafe. I thought this would give me a nice opportunity to check out how Billie was doing. When I got there I found out there had been a change in plans. Apparently people were hungry and wanted to go straight to the restaurant. Oh well, I decided to go my own way. It was a nice night and it was wonderful to have my Billie back.

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