Thursday, July 17, 2014

It Is The Weirdest Thing

It is the weirdest thing. When I drive over to visit my son and his family I take a wrong turn nearly every time. When my Daughter was in town and driving us to my Son's house I had her turn at the wrong place. Yet, when I ride I go directly there. What's my take on this? It is more proof of my mind being more engaged and functioning from a different place when I'm riding. Chris, over at Everyday Riding, has told me there was a study done in Japan showing those who commute to work on their motorcycles had a lower incidence of Alzheimer's than those who drive. He linked it for me, but I can't find it. Hopefully he'll pipe up.

My Daughter during her recent visit commented on her biggest worry about my brain injury is the unset of dementia. My response? What can I do except live my life? I'm definitely a candidate for having Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), but since it can only be definitively diagnosed postmortem I'm in no hurry to find out. CTE and Alzheimer's are different maladies. One birthed of trauma, the other not. Both progressive.

There is so much known about brain trauma ... and so little. For now, I can be grateful for how my brain works when I'm riding. And, I am. I can, also, be grateful for my ability to bring the place my mind is in when I'm riding to other parts of my life. And, I am.

I will try to always ride to visit my precious ones for as long as I am able and know who they are.