Monday, June 20, 2011

Ride To Work Day 2011

It is 78F and Fair this morning. There are scattered thunderstorms possible, but that is pretty common this time of the year. The high is forecast to be in the mid-90'sF. It will be hot and humid. Scoot! Scoot!!

There will be no snow today, it is June not January.
Commuting in June is warmer . . .

But, it is all good even in January.

Before I started riding to work everyday St. Louis was just a place where I lived. Now it is my hometown. This is probably the thing that I am most grateful for as I ride to work today.

Be safe everyone and remember to ride your ride!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Lou

I walk everyday during my lunch hour. Today I took the camera with me.

You can tell I'm walking and not riding because the light is green.

Citygarden is wonderful. During the Summer it is full of kids climbing on the sculptures and . . .

. . . running through these dancing fountains.

This is the Wainwright Building. This building is an international treasure. Louis Sullivan was the Architect. This is the building that is credited with being the first modern skyscraper design. It is a beauty

Do I smell barbeque?
The Courthouses. The Civil Courthouse is the tall one with the columns on top. Carnahan Courthouse is the shorter one. It was originally the Federal Courthouse, but when the new Federal Courthouse was built the City took over the building. I work in the Carnahan Courthouse.

These are the four bikes that are most often found parked behind the Carnahan Courthouse. The Vulcan doesn't let a little rain stop him, but he doesn't ride when it's real cold. The cyclist rides when it is nice. She admits she is a fair weather rider.  The bike furthest away seldom misses a good riding day, but he too, likes his weather fair and on the warm side.

And, that's what my lunchtime world looks like on a beautiful day in the Lou.