Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Lou

I walk everyday during my lunch hour. Today I took the camera with me.

You can tell I'm walking and not riding because the light is green.

Citygarden is wonderful. During the Summer it is full of kids climbing on the sculptures and . . .

. . . running through these dancing fountains.

This is the Wainwright Building. This building is an international treasure. Louis Sullivan was the Architect. This is the building that is credited with being the first modern skyscraper design. It is a beauty

Do I smell barbeque?
The Courthouses. The Civil Courthouse is the tall one with the columns on top. Carnahan Courthouse is the shorter one. It was originally the Federal Courthouse, but when the new Federal Courthouse was built the City took over the building. I work in the Carnahan Courthouse.

These are the four bikes that are most often found parked behind the Carnahan Courthouse. The Vulcan doesn't let a little rain stop him, but he doesn't ride when it's real cold. The cyclist rides when it is nice. She admits she is a fair weather rider.  The bike furthest away seldom misses a good riding day, but he too, likes his weather fair and on the warm side.

And, that's what my lunchtime world looks like on a beautiful day in the Lou.


  1. I had to chuckle at the green light crack. So true, isn't it? The skies are a beautiful blue, the trees are an emerald green and the city looks so clean from your angles. Great to be out. :)


  2. Reminds me of a visit in Lou about 10 years ago, I arrived in torrential rains in the middle of the night, only to awake with sun and the exact same crisp blue sky. Of course I had to ride up the Arch that day. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Lori,
    The City does a very good job at keeping the Downtown quite clean. It hasn't always been so. There was a time when Downtown was rather . . . ignored. Of course, the City is suffering furlow days, budget cuts, and all that stuff now, but still Downtown looks great.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope your life is balancing back out.

  4. Sonja,
    That's pretty much what happened here. Tuesday we had lots of rain and then Wednesday clear blue skies and lush colors that almost jump out at you.

    Glad you have good memories of the Lou. It has become my home.

    Thanks for the comment,

  5. Beautiful pics from around the city, and a lovely day for a walk!

  6. Beautiful city.

    Great idea taking your camera with you on your lunchtime walks.

  7. This looks like a pretty city with lots of character. Great pictures!! I really like the one with the arch and the building showing through it.

  8. Sorry a bit of a late reply, just wanted to say great pics, and if you are trying to promote your city you are doing a great job! I so want to visit now.

  9. Kari,
    I'm glad you liked the pictures. It occurred to me that I have a lovely walk from the Courthouse to the Cafe where I have lunch nearly every day. Thought I should share it.

    Thanks for taking time to comment,

  10. Trobairitz,
    One day I saw this guy running with these things on his legs that looked like the springy stilts. Of course, I had no camera with me. The other day the children looked so happy running through the dancing fountains. Of course, I had no camera with me. I'm trying to rectify that situation and take the camera with me.

    Thanks for the comment.

  11. Dar,
    St. Louis is a pretty City. It has been on difficult times for a while now and there are lots of rundown and falling down buildings. Many of the buildings in downtown are unoccupied. Still, they are beautiful. I fear many more buildings will be lost. There are parts of the City that look almost apocalyptic and may never come back. It is sad. With that said, St. Louis is a treasure. I had never truly appreciated until I began traveling around on two wheels at slow speeds. When I did it was like the City opened its heart to me.

    Thanks for visiting,

  12. Roger,
    Never too late. Thanks for commenting. As I've mentioned in some of the comments above, I'm very much falling in love with this City.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Keep coming back,

  13. Dear Keith:

    I like how you have represented some of the nicer aspects if Saint Louis. It pays to have the kind of vision to see the soul of a city, in its architcture, its culture, and its faces. I gre up in the shadow of Manhattan, in a city that had a character all its own. And then I spent 18 years living on a dirt road. I grew to lovew that dirt road like is was a boulevard in Paris.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  14. Jack,

    I was getting worried about you, but first I saw and read a new post on your blog and then I found a comment here. I was relieved.

    I think for much of my time in St. Louis I was seeing things to not like about being here. I grew up on a farm in Michigan and never thought I could like a city, but wandering around St. Louis on me wee chariot has opened up a whole new experience of this place I live. I am at home.

    Thanks for the comment and best wishes for your upcoming seminar.