Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It Must Be...

Saw some pumpkins.

Definitely not store bought.

More original creations.
And, there was this guy.

Although, I think he may be a year rounder.
And, of course my favorites.

Tricksters on the march?

These "spooky" flamingos have hi-vis beaks.

It must be Halloween.


  1. Love the hi-vis beaks on the spooky flamingos. Nice touch.

  2. Keith:

    I am only used to seeing Pink Flamingos, not black ones. I suppose they are black because of Halloween ?

    I always keep a lookout for flamingoes, for you, but have never come across any here.

    I liked that guy in the flower bed

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    1. bob,
      Actually, this is the first year I've seen all black flamingos. In the past I've seen black flamingos with the skeleton showing. And, yes it is a Halloween thing. Normally they are pink.

      I'm delighted to know you are keeping an eye out for Canadian flamingos, pink or otherwise.

  3. Oh, I really like those black flamingos. Hum. Good idea for a creative vandalism project.