Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Day Closer To Spring

Now that I have heated grips on both my bikes/scooters I have a new measure for knowing when I've been riding my bikes in the correct ratio to driving the car. It is when I take off in the car, notice my hands are cold, and find myself squeezing the steering wheel to warm my fingers. I suspect those of you with heated grips will understand.

Likewise, I know something is amiss with my ride/drive ratio when I get on one of my bikes and before taking off I look for the seat belt.

Today was my first day out since last Wednesday. I realize that isn't very long to many of you, but over the last couple of years it has become usual for me to be off two wheels for much more than a day.

Today all I had to do was make it out of the alley and I'd be free. I'd been out earlier in the car to get bagels and coffee. I knew the streets were clear and dry.

After having my "duh" moment reaching for the Kymco's seat belt, I made it out of the alley without major mishap. I did, however, discover I like the double clutch system on the Symba much better in snow than the continuously variable transmission on the Kymco. The engagement of the clutch on the CVT was difficult for me to gauge and I found myself giving the Kymco too much throttle causing the rear wheel to break loose. Perhaps with practice this won't be a problem, but hopefully I won't have many opportunities to practice.

The ride was over the river to visit my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. And, once out of my alley it was an easy ride.

I remember when I was a kid the snow seemed to be deeper and the piles of snow higher. When my kids were little I began to wonder if part of it had to do with my scale of reference. I was littler then. I had similar thoughts today as I watched Alma walk across the snow. It was up to her knees! And, look at that pile of snow, to her it must appear to be a mountain.

The high temperature today was 42F/6C. This was causing lots of snow melt and water run off. I rode through water over the road a number of times on the way home. I'm suspecting with low temperatures well below freezing tonight the safe thing will be to drive to work again tomorrow. Oh well, at least it will be one day closer to Spring.


  1. We are seeing tons of spring buds on the trees here and spring is definitely in the air. I will be in the land of heated grips soon courtesy of Bob and I can hardly wait to have warm hands. I found my hands would ache and cramp from the cold.

  2. Come on Spring...... only 3 more weeks.

    I find after being on my bike a lot I look for the clutch when I get back in the car. Doh! It is an automatic.

  3. I once looked for the seat belt on the bike. So I know what you are talking about. :) Seems like a wonderful day to get out, and especially see your granddaughter.

  4. I didn't think that Missouri got that much snow.

    Spring is still only a rumor...