Saturday, December 14, 2013

It Snowed

It snowed.

To my Michigan sensibilities where I'm located it didn't snow much , only 3in/7.5cm or so. Some areas recorded 5in/13cm or more. It was a wet snow. All during the snowfall the temperature hovered just above freezing. As I walked I could hear the sound of the snow packing underfoot. Snowball weather!

Many events were canceled today. There seemed no reason. Even the side roads were no more slippery than if it had rained, but probably better safe than sorry.

No one home in this nest.

As we walked over to the cafe the biggest danger we encountered was the nasty spray, a combination of de-icing chemicals, road grim, and slush. We survived.

It is said colder temperatures are on the way, but only for a couple of days then we will have a warm up. This was a perfect snowfall for an area still recovering from drought, a blanket of wet soaking into the thirsty grateful soil.


  1. It is a bit odd that winter can be/look so fresh and moments later so dirty. The salt and road grime, patches of dirt that get piled up in the snowbanks, etc. For those unfamiliar, it may seem that everything that hasn't been uncovered would be an almost blinding white. It really does create amazing contrasts.

    Enjoy your warm-ups; they get very precious up here as you know.

    1. Coop, this was one of those really wet snows which get really dirty quick. The fun part is watching all the snowpeople melting.

  2. I have been surprised at how many events can get cancelled for a little amount of snow. Through the years it seems as though people are more hesitant to come out in inclement weather.

    Like you I was thinking of our water tables when it snowed. Now that it has mostly melted, I am thinking the ground is sighing in relief that part of it's water tables are being replenished.

    1. I think the improved snow removal has been double-edged. It has been great on the one hand, but on the other people are losing their winter driving skills.

      We can use some more snows like this to help replenish our water table.

  3. Yes, they cancel easily around here too for even a "dusting" of snow.

    But as I get older and more mellow I am liking all that much better than venturing out into the slop and slide.