Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Carondelet Park

Autumn is here, but mostly the colors are just beginning.

Sunday was gorgeous. Lots of blue sky, but plenty of clouds to add interest.

I thought these clouds looked a little like Kanji

Lots of folks were fishing in the Lake and the pond.

If you look close you can even see a couple of fishing lines in the bottom corner of this photo.

Billie enjoying a view of Horseshoe Lake.

I do so love the slow ride.


  1. Love that stone bridge! Great photos. I went out today (in the car) hoping for a few pics, but alas the rain started and never stopped. Ah well.

    1. Can't control the weather, that's for sure. I liked the stone bridge, too.

  2. A wonderful day for a slow ride. I really like the stone bridge picture.