Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Damn! I Must Have Done It Again

I've looked in all my pockets. They are no where to be found. Damn! I must have done it again. One other time I rode off with them on the seat. That day I had backtracked all the way to the courthouse, but found them wedged between Billie's rear seat and top case. Today, after checking my pockets for what seems the one thousandth time, I look there. No luck.

I take out my cellphone and call Heather. Maybe she found them in the alley when she left for work. Chances of this are remote, but what can it hurt? She hadn't, but bless her heart she offers to drive home and look for them. Her work schedule is more flexible than mine. I know this makes perfect sense. Still I feel bad for putting her through all this hassle.

It is the change of seasons and the gear I'm wearing is changing, too. I know this is a time when things are more likely to get misplaced. I've been through this before and I sure thought I was being careful.

Being my compulsive self, I look through my pockets one more time. And surprise, there they are. There are my keys; the condo key, the garage key, the key to the top case, and all my other keys. Of course, they are right in the pocket where I thought they would be to begin with. How does that happen?

Immediately I call Heather. Luckily, she hadn't left. Oh well, I just love beginning my day with an adrenaline rush and feeling like a fool...not really.


  1. Acouple of weekends ago, while attending a cross country meet, I lost the keyless remote to the car. It controls the ignition too and I thought I was screwed. I could get in the car with the car, but couldn't start the car without the remote. Luckily the spare was locked in the glove compartment, but it was a good 30 minutes before I realized that.
    BTW, I never had a chance to make a good comment on your last post. It was very nice.

  2. Been There. Done That. I now separate my motorbike key from the house keys. Motorbike key is on a lanyard around my neck when I am away from the bike. House keys go into the backpack or top box as soon as the house is locked up. Hope you don't have another anxiety attack anytime soon! :) -Lori

  3. Jim: That is such a sinking feeling when the discovery is made that opps: no keys, or in your case, no remote. Glad it worked out for you, too.

    And, I'm a little partial to the last post. It was putting myself out there a little bit, a little revealing.

    As always, thanks for the stop by. I imagine you're beginning the chilly morning rides with the warm evening rides, as we are here. Enjoy.


  4. Lori: I do the same thing with the bike key and used to keep the top case key there as well, but with this bike the top case key leaves an ugly black mark where it rubs while I'm moving. So, now I have the top box key with the garage key and keep them the same pocket. We're now entering a wonderful riding time. Temps can be in the low to mid 50's for the morning ride, but can be near 90 for the ride home. This was the first morning I changed my gear, to be warmer in the morning. And so, it was the first day with a new pocket. Oh well, may this be the biggest issue in my life.

    Thanks for the comment,

  5. Keith:

    I have done the same thing with not just keys. My wallet also went missing, but it really wasn't

    Wet Coast Scootin

  6. Bob: I think what amazes me the most is how I can find the thing I'm looking for in a place I've already looked. Like you said, it "went missing, but it really wasn't".

    Thanks for the comment.