Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weekend

Saturday morning found Heather and me back at the Old Lemp Brewery Complex. This is where Spencer has his shop, but we weren't there to see Spencer. The last time we were there was to pick up Billie. Heather had taken some photos of the buildings. She was keen to retake one of the shots.
Heather and her Gorillapod
While she was doing her thing I wandered around and took some pictures.
Spencer has added a sign.
These caught my eye.
I love the details in these old buildings

After we left the Lemp grounds we stopped at Benton Park. There was a chalk artist event going on. We wandered around the Park and watched some of the artists work.
It rained last night. I wonder how this fared?
I wanted Heather to see the building I've been watching slowly fall down. When we got there I found some folks salvaging usable bricks from those that had fallen. It looked like hard work.

We ended up our Saturday adventure by checking out Florist Row. There really wasn't much to see there. But I did get a motorcycle picture.

Sunday I was able to spend a couple of hours on Billie. I went flamingo hunting. It was a pretty good day. Here are the results:
This one was hiding.

A classic pair
This one is kind of unique.
And finally, a small bottle tree.
It was a nice weekend.

Life is good.


  1. Fermenting it being cut in stone and all. Love the chalk art...never seen any in person, except for hopscotch grids...

    Great idea to do a flamingo hunt. Great way to just take it easy and travel down unknown streets.

    Sounded like a good weekend.


  2. Lori:

    It was a good weekend.

    A friend from Kansas City once remarked when she was visiting that her father wouldn't let her put flamingos in his front yard. And so, thus was born a Facebook Album of flamingos dedicated in her honor. Yes, it has become a wonderful way to meander my way through St. Louis. Sometimes I think urban scouting should be kept track of by the hour sort of like dirt bikes rather than by miles. I was in the saddle for a couple of hours yesterday, but only went a little over twenty miles.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. Sometimes slow and easy and seeing the sights beats hair on fire flying down the road not seeing anything. Actually...change that to all the time... :)


  4. Lori, I have a sticker on Billie that reads: Live Free, Scoot Slow.

  5. I like the big, old Goldwing you shot. When I see those for sale I get funny ideas about riding across the country...

  6. Brady: I'm committed to small displacement bikes for a number of reasons--and the newer Goldwings look almost like RV's--but, yes, I took the photo you commented on because these older bikes seem to have a longing about them. They all look like either they've had an adventure or two; or, are ready for one now.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your recent posts to your blog have been awesome.