Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Near, Yet Too Far

There is a block and a half of ice between the Symba and the open road.
Billie is hidden behind one of the garage doors on your right. The white is not snow it is sleet covered by ice.

This is where the alley meets Ivanhoe Street.

Ivanhoe is the street that leads to freedom. The City of St. Louis concentrates its resources on clearing  streets that have been designated  as snow routes. Ivanhoe is not a snow route. The snow removal strategy for streets not designated as snow routes is to simply let the snow melt on its own.

We have had just enough warm weather followed by quite cold weather to make the side streets not only very slick, but rutted as well. Usually when the streets get this way, I cheat and ride the Symba out on the sidewalks, but the sidewalks are not in much better shape. So, even though all the other streets I take to work are clear and dry,  I'm stuck commuting by car.
This is the view from the File Room where I work looking towards Police Headquarters.

This is from another window. The Police Headquarters is on the left, but now part of City Hall is in view. Notice how nice and dry Tucker Blvd is.

Others are riding. My friend Maggie rode both yesterday and today. And, as I was taking photos I noticed a scooter parked on the sidewalk in front of the Jail.
The nice thing about a 50cc scooter is you can park it anywhere.

Apparently if  you take the markings off  your 150cc scooter and pretend it is a 50cc,  you can park it anywhere you want as well. You can even park it right in front of the City Jail. I don't think that would be my choice..

The high today was 20F and the low tonight is expected to be 8F. The forecasters are predicting a warm up to begin on Friday with the high in the mid to upper 30F's. By Sunday we may see temperatures in the 50F's. So, soon the scene that greeted me when I arrived home tonight may only be a memory.
Early evening on the Ivanhoe Ice Field.
But, until then clear highway will remain so near, yet too far.


  1. Or time for studded tires. That ice looks really bad even fir a cage...


  2. It is a challenge in a cage. One slips and slides through the ruts. It is almost like an amusement park ride without the amusement :)

    Now, if it was in the middle of a lake where there weren't other cars and stuff to run into it could be quite amusing. Alas, it isn't and I'm thinking bumper cars isn't a game I want to play.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. So near, yet so far. That's torturous being blocked by so much ice, yet the main roads are perfectly fine! I feel your pain, and I'm glad warmer days are ahead!

  4. :( Bummer. Isn't it amazing how all of that was something that we would have enjoy a couple years ago. But now it is one of the biggest annoyances and personal afronts when it interferes with something we really, really want to do?? Hope it melts this weekend.


  5. No fun. I'm hoping you can get out and ride this weekend. It's also supposed to be warm up here. I'm lucky to live on a snow emergency route. I've seen some of the other side roads and they are just as bad as yours. No fun. That hard pack ice takes a while to melt. :(

  6. bluekat,
    Yes, warmer days ahead. It has been an unusual winter here.

    Today on the way home I had the windows of the Yaris open and pretended it was one of those BMW street quads. It wasn't very fulfilling, but I wasn't ATGATT. Perhaps that would have made a difference :)

  7. Lori,
    Ice isn't something I appreciate on the streets ever. But, better on the streets than on the powerlines. I think it will be melted by this weekend . . . at least enough for me to find a way out.

  8. Chris,
    It is no fun. There is absolutely no traction and the ruts are like on endless edge trap. Oh well, this, too, shall pass. Good planning on your part situating yourself on an emergency snow route. Actually, when I moved to the City I did the same. Ah, but twas love that caused me to move and brought me to this street so I have nothing to complain about. And, besides she had a garage :)

  9. heated garage is nice as is another warm body on the couch ;)

    Mine is only heated when I plug in the heater and wait a few hours. :)

  10. Chris,
    I do so hope you are talking about your garage heating up only when you plug in the heater and wait a few hours and not . . . :)

  11. ROFL!!!!!!!!! yes the garage. :) :)

  12. Man, that looks dangerous! I am glad that you chose your cage to get to work. Better safe than sorry.

  13. I don't get why the streets are so crap in your area? Is there no sun? Even with below freezing temps, we get sun and cars that melt the ice on the streets. And I thought it was bad in little Rhody!

  14. SonjaM,
    It is no fun to even drive the cage on the street I live on, but it was in the upper 20F's yesterday and today the daytime temps will move above freezing. Tomorrow, not only will the temperatures be above freezing during the day, but the forecast is for it to remain so all night. So, things are definitely looking up. I'm so glad you are having mild weather there. Get over the flu and get out and ride for me, please.

  15. sbahn,
    It was a strange storm. We had over 4" of sleet, 3" of snow, and 3/4" of ice. For the first couple of days after the storm we were driving on the hardened sleet. So, that's like 5" of hard ice to melt. Then we got another 4" followed by weather in the 40F's which melted the surface, but then it snapped back into single digits at night and the teens during the day. All the sun did when shining was making it really slippery.

    Oh well, this too will pass.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.