Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stumped #3

Today was my first ride of February. That's a long time between rides -- too long.
The alley after two days of nearly 60F temperatures.

My first goal was to get out of the alley which I accomplished just fine. It was actually easier than I'd anticipated. My second goal was to get a photo of another stump sculpture I'd discovered in Kirkwood.

Unlike the other two I've found, this one has been painted.  The Pelican is rather impressive.

I spent the rest of the late afternoon ride just wandering around. There was lots of water from the run off of the snow melting.
Through the Looking Glass?

The sun was getting low in the sky as I headed for home.

Getting back into the alley was a little more exciting than I liked, but I stayed up. It would have been a cold wet fall.
Three or four inches of water surrounded by slush -- yum, yum.

As I was putting Billie away I noticed a familiar smell in the air. Sure enough my neighbor had pulled out the lawn chair and was firing up the Barbecue.

It was good to be back on the road.


  1. Gorgeous stump sculpture. My first thought would be don't paint it, but this is nicely done - very subtle.

    Yay! Billie got to go for a ride! How nice to see (almost) clear streets. The alley looks a little tricky with the slushy stuff all over. That's one of the nice things about riding...getting a sniff of the neighbor's bbq.

    I'm glad you got to ride!

  2. Congrats on the ride!! I also managed to escape the icy clutches and get out. I saw another scooter, a nice orange one, when I was out on my Super9.

  3. bluekat,
    I agree about painting the sculpture. This is good, but it sure could of got gaudy.

    It was good to ride.

  4. Chris,
    I think everyone who owned a bike was out yesterday. I couldn't believe how many bikes I saw out. Rumor has it that we might see 70F's later in the week. Gotta love Midwestern weather.

  5. Dear Keith:

    It seems like you had a great ride and got a chance to exercise your bike. Your alley looks a lot like my driveway. But since mine is at a steep angle, I am going to wait for non-frozen blacktop before I try a run. Instead, I have decided to focus on the garage.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Jack,
    It was good to get out. I've been able to ride to work the last two days as well. It feels like Spring, but it is February so I will not be played for a sucker.

    If my driveway was at a steep angle I wouldn't have made it out so soon. But, not having a man cave to retreat to, I would have suffered greatly.

    Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  7. Hi Keith!

    Great day to get out! Such a lovely blue sky. I really do like the sculptured stump. There is a lot of "sculpted" would when/where I grew up and always admired the well painted stuff. Seems to help keep the art intact longer. But I did have to scratch my head at the content. Are there many pelicans naturally occurring where you are?


  8. Lori,
    There are lots of Pelicans by the river, especially near the dams. Not so many Pelicans inland. I thought it an odd choice, but suspect it means something to them. The other two I've photographed appear to be covered with polyurethane.

    Get to hear from you Steel Cupcake. Yep, I think that is a great handle. Good on Jack.

  9. LOL. I love the new handle. Mr. Oilburner wants it painted on my bike.

    Yeah, not sure about Pelicans. Must me something special to them.

    -Lori/Steel Cupcake!