Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Still Falling Down And Another Showing Progress And . . .

Awhile back I posted about a building that had been slowly falling down. I'd been watching its demise on my daily commute.

First it looked like this.

Then more of it fell on its own.

And, finally the unit was torn down, but what was left looked none too sturdy.

This Spring has brought some very strong winds and now I am watching the further demise of the remaining portion of the building.
Look familiar?
There is still a family living in the building next to this one. I'm curious what will happen next.

On a happier building note, there is a row of buildings that have been being rehabbed. When last I posted about them they looked like this:
The dumpster had disappeared but it came back
There have been workers on the site all winter, but all the work has been inside. Just in the last two weeks has the progress began to be show on the outside.
Windows . . .

And doors.
The workers are gone by the time I get out in the evening. On a morning when I am either off during the week or can arrange to go into work late, I'm hoping to stop by and see if I can get some information on what the plans are for these buildings. And, if I'm really lucky maybe I will find out some of the history of these buildings.

Now there is another building on my daily commute that is being worked on. I can't tell if it is still being used or not. I had noticed the building before mostly because it had no windows.
The signage said, "Cavalier Products" and you can see the detail of a cavalier above the doors. I hadn't even thought about the building having a false front until it started to come off.
Now, I could see the details of the building from once upon a time.

I wonder what is going to happen to this building next? Is it getting a new facelift or what?

There is so much going on in my little eight and a half mile commute, and that doesn't even include the traffic. Speaking of traffic, it has actually lightened up on some of my route. There has been a speed reduction on Arsenal Street next to Tower Grove Park.
Since the reduction has gone into effect there has been a reduction in traffic. I'd not expected the speed reduction to make much of a difference, but St. Louis' Finest are actually enforcing this change. When the speed limit was ten mph higher people were adding another ten. With all the three-way stops on this route, it was hurry up and wait. Now, traffic is flowing nicely at about 30mph, which seems a good speed for this section of street. And, with less traffic it has cut time off my commute. Plus the incidents of folks passing illegally on my right, apparently in a hurry to get to the next stop sign to wait their turn behind five or six cars, has dropped as well. Don't you just  love it when a plan comes together. 


  1. I'd nearly forgotten about this building. That's scary that someone still lives in part of it. Doesn't seem very stable, especially now after the winter storms.

    On the second building, it would be interesting to see if they have an open house when it's finished.

    Fantastic to see the original facade, once they get the false front down. Beautiful old brickwork.

  2. I love the facade of the emerging building. I would never have thought of a false front. Can't wait to see how these turn out!


  3. Dear Keith:

    Whether it is a brick structure in the inner city or a barn out in a field, there is something sad about watching a structure crumble. There was a time when that building was the crowning achievement of a builder, the pride and joy of an owner, and probably held a Christmas tree to the delight of little kids. Now it is a pile of bricks that will be recycled into something else. The house next door will fall down next.

    Nice pictures,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  4. nice pics Keith. I'm glad your commute is now shorter and safer. Cars passing on the right is no fun!!

  5. bluekat: I've continued to wonder about the folks living in the townhouse next to this building. I wonder if they own? Do they have a lease? I certainly wouldn't have stayed unless there was a compelling reason to stay. I've seen single units of these old row-houses standing alone and they look so lonely and sad.

    I'm interested to see what the developer has in mind for these units. It definitely looks like retail below and apartments above. Time will tell.

  6. Lori: I'd never thought of the building having a false front. I thought it had just been built that way. I wished I had pictures from earlier in the process, but it happened so very quickly. I'd wondered if they were going to tear the building down, but they have painted the window jams green. I'll post pictures when what they are doing becomes clearer.

  7. Jack: I take pictures of these old buildings for the very reasons you mention. If they could talk what stories they would have. But, they can't and I can at least chronicle this small piece of their life. I often wonder at what this neighborhood was like when St. Louis was at its population peak in the 1950's? The population is nearly a third of what it was then. I'm sure the neighborhood where these buildings set was teeming with people. There is a large school that is slated to be torn down right across the street and kitty-corner from these buildings. At one time it was bursting at the seems with children. Now it is a relic and soon it will be a parking lot. Maybe I'll go get some pictures of it this very day.

    Thanks again for visiting and for your support.

  8. Chris: I thought of your recent scare when I wrote about the change in speed limit on Arsenal. The other stretch of my commute when I am even more watchful for passer-by's on the right is on the North/South street before the buildings that are being rehabbed. The only thing that will help abbreviate it there will the neighborhood coming back to life and it is trying, but it is much in doubt.

  9. Thanks for sharing the photo project. Reminds me that I'm going to have to find a similar personal project.

    I didn't comment on the last post but found it funny. Especially that moment in the elevator. I can picture the situation. Oh crap, did I go too far? Then the relief when she laughs.

  10. irondad: I still am surprised this photo project found me. I really can't say I found it.

    And, about the last post: You got it exactly. I thought I was on solid footing when I made the comment and then suddenly quick sand. She pulled it off perfectly.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this stuff and even commenting on it. Your comments are always appreciated.

  11. I've been watching these buildings' new life unfold the last several months, since I commute by this intersection as well. I think they're going to be condos, as they're building garages in the back.

  12. Chris: Condos has become my conclusion as well. I was impressed that they went with slate on the first building's roof, yet have seemed to focus on the other buildings in the row. Oh well, perhaps before long it will become even more clear.

    Thanks for stopping by and making a comment.