Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That Was A Very Good Answer

They drove up just as I was beginning my walk up the ramp to the employee entrance of the Courthouse. They are both investigators for the Circuit Attorneys Office and I see them often. We speak in passing, but I can't say I remember ever actually interacting with them.

They came up the steps and I made it to the door just before them. I opened the door and motioned for them to go ahead. He acting the gentleman let her enter first. As she entered she said to me, "Why thank you, sir."

I said nothing, but as he passed me I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I guess she thinks I was holding the door for her."

We all laughed. "Nope," she said, "I figured you were holding it for him. He's much nicer than I am."

I had to take off my helmet and have my messenger bag scanned, but still caught up to them at the elevators.

As the doors to one of the elevators opened she hurried to be first and then pretending to hold the door said, "Here let me return the favor and hold the doors for you." She bowed and added, "After you gentlemen."

As I entered the elevator I playfully pointed out to her that the doors had opened by themselves and that wasn't much of a payback. We were all laughing and she said, "Okay, if you're going to be that way, let me do something else for you." Then  she added, "I know, let me hold your helmet for you."

I looked at her and with a straight face said, "I'm not sure I can handle a woman holding my helmet this early in the morning."

She stopped laughing, looked at me, and shook her index finger at me. I'm thinking this is not good. Then she spoke, "That was a very good answer," and laughed. Then she added, "Now that we are all wide awake, I think it is time we start our work day ."


  1. This is a very sweet story. I am glad you meet people in the morning that have a good sense of humor. And yes, your answer was hilarious!

  2. Sonja, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for taking the time to comment. While having a sense of humor isn't required for working in Courts it certainly helps one retain sanity.

  3. Great answer - lol
    and a nice start to the work day. :)

  4. LOL. fun fun! If only people were that fun every day at work eh?

  5. Dear Keith:

    I'm a little shocked and amazed... But all in all, I think it was the perfect thing to say. When she wagged her figure, you could have added, "Well, you started it."

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Jack: I find it difficult to imagine you were "shocked and amazed" by anything I might put in my blog . . . but, I will take your words at face value.

    I most certainly could have added, "Well, you started it," but it would have been stating the obvious, LOL. I must admit she threw me off at first with her change of countenance and gesture after my comment.

  7. Awesome story, I'm not sure I could be that witty without a couple of cups of coffee under my belt.