Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'll Be Keeping Watch

The "For Sale" signs are up.

The transformation nearly complete . . .

It has changed quite a bit since I first started watching it . . .

 To take a ride down memory lane click here

While the property at the corner of Lafayette and Compton is getting a new chance, this property still looks much the same . . .

I did meet the guy who rents the property next door . . .

I asked him about the property. I found out the person he rents from doesn't own the building that is falling down. It seems the City had taken over the property and was going to tear the building down when the new budget year began. If so, then I suspect there will be some action soon. Then I asked him why he continued to live there. Was it because he had a lease? Nope. The reason turned out to be very simple. He just really likes his landlord. And, since the City inspectors have told him that the townhouse he lives in is still sound, he and his family are staying put.

And, I'll be keeping watch as I ride to and from work each day


  1. Wow, what a difference in that one building. I wonder how quick the town homes will sell.

    I can understand wanting to stay where you have a good landlord. I remember renting and have a had a few good and bad ones.

  2. I like the modern look of the new townhomes. It's supposed to be retail on ground level, correct? While I like the "glass" look, don't think I would like it facing the streets.

  3. Trobairitz: Of course, how quick the town homes will sell is the question. One thing they have going for them is each comes with a two car garage. Time will tell.

    I was blessed with mostly good landlords, but there are two that I hope have changed their ways by now. They made living in their properties a rather challenging. Sadly, I liked both properties, but I didn't stay long.

  4. BeemerGirl (Lori): There is no retail space in this development. It is all home. This is the reason for the landscaping. Yep, some peeps are going to be living right on the street. I don't think I'd like that.

  5. I can understand why he stays in the townhouse it is beautiful, but I am not sure how the other could impact it when it comes down. Are folks buying houses again in your neck of the woods? All of this economic mess has been terrible for some.

    Like your pics! Glad to see Billie in one too.

  6. I had a bad landlady so I bought the house from her!

    I've been looking for a photo project. Perhaps following a rennovation would make a good one.

  7. Dar: Sadly there are many of these magnificent old townhouses setting all alone on what once was a full block of them. Apparently the owner will have to have the newly exposed wall tuck-pointed and then it will be good to continue to weather the changes and changes of the neighborhood around it. Ah, we will see.

  8. Dear Keith:

    Sometimes there is more to a home than just the familiar comfort of four walls. Even though this guy is renting, and really likes his landlord, I suspect there is some comfort in the living memories he and his family rack up in this place. Plus he has no annoying neighbors to worry about. Ir=t must be very quiet there at night.

    The reclaimed buildings looked very nice, and it is nice to see a neighborhood getting a new lease on life through re-investment.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  9. lol - Saw the first pic and was hoping for a before shot. Gotta remember to scroll down! Thanks for posting the before, I couldn't remember the start of things. :)
    It looks really nice!

    A call from my mom the other day informed me that my Grandparents old house has sold and is being remodeled. A guy bought it from our family, added a foundation and a few things, then left it set for years. Finally it sold again this summer, so I need to go by and see the changes. Mom said it was quite startling, and nice to see!

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