Monday, March 12, 2012

Still Determined

Remember these?
They were almost ready to bloom.
Now they are almost bloomed out.
It seems it is still determined to be unseasonably warm. Today it reached into summertime temperatures.

Sunday I lost an hour of sleep, but the sunrise more than made up for it.

While it has been warm, still the King hasn't been out on his front steps. Today he was and as I rode by he gave me a big old wave! (Click here for my original post about the King.) It was good to see him. I hadn't seen him in a very long time. I'd even began to wonder if he might have moved. It is a little thing seeing him sitting on the steps in front of his home, but I've come to appreciate how big of a deal the little things truly are.


  1. Agreed, gorgeous sunrise! Flowering anything is still a little thin around these parts. Next weekend is our bicycle clubs annual daffodil ride. I hope we have a few daffodils show up for the occasion! That's awesome that the King was still there. So often people flit in and out of our lives with little warning.

  2. Beautiful sunrise. That definitely makes up for losing an hour of sleep.

    Glad that King was still there to give you a wave. It really is the little things that matter in this big old crazy world.

  3. Wow nice! Your flowers are much taller. Ours are about an inch out of the ground.

    PS: good sunrise.