Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Am On Vacation

I am on vacation. It is the type of vacation that finds me waiting for the truck to deliver a new washer and dryer. It is the type of vacation where I'm going no place special and much of my travels seem to be connected to the word "errands."

I had hopes for this vacation time. Originally I thought it might mean a trip to Michigan, but that didn't happen. Then, I thought it might bring a new scooter into the garage, but that was not to be. I even thought I might be doing a lot of riding and inline skating, but it is so very hot here. So, of course, that hasn't happened either. All this left me only one alternative. I went out an bought some new gear.

Cyclegear has their HEAT-OUT base layer garments on sale--50% off. I bought both the "long johns" and a "long sleeve crew neck top".

Today was the day for the new washer and dryer to be delivered. All went well. The delivery guys came on time, made quick work of hooking up the set, and then were on their way. It was still before noon and the temperature had just reach 100F/38C. I figured if I was going to go for a ride, I'd better do it before it got really hot. And besides, it seemed  a great opportunity to test the new gear.

And, how did it work? It worked 85mi/138km fine. Yep, it took me a few hours to make sure, but it worked just fine.

While I was testing my new base layer, one of the places I found myself was Creve Coeur Lake.

This was my second hydration break. The scenery was much nicer than the QT where I made my first stop at.

I, also, checked out some corn fields. What I found wasn't pretty.

This corn should be green, but...

it was mostly brown.

I did see some irrigation going on and some activity in the fields.

I saw a for sale sign in this field. It is being offered up for "development".

Back in the City the grass, too, is turning brown.

This is in Carondelet Park, but it could have been almost anywhere.

There were clouds in the sky, but the earliest we might see rain is early next week.

One hopes the rain, if it does come, doesn't come violently.

I was very impressed with the HEAT-OFF garments. I was hot, but not uncomfortably so. When I ended my ride I still had energy. It was 105F/41C when I returned from my ride. The heat index wasn't much higher than the actual temperature. Nothing much works when the humidity is up, but these undergarments matched with vented pants and an armored meshed jacket work well for today's condition.

On a another note. Early in my ride I came up Sappington Rd. At Big Bend Blvd. I found traffic backed up and although I'd planned to turn left, I decided to turn right so as to escape whatever the commotion was. When I returned home and went online I saw this headline on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch  website: Two Motorcyclists Killed in Crash in St. Louis County. This was the commotion I'd encountered near Sappington and Big Bend. (click here to read the story) It appears to be another case of a car turning into the path of a motorcycle. I would have been there not long after the accident happened. I know the intersection where it happened. Until today there was nothing remarkable about it, but from now on it will be another reminder of the danger lurking in all intersections.

Please, you all; stay cool, be safe, and take no intersection for granted.


  1. I CAN NOT believe your corn! That is so tragic!

    I went t-shirting all day today. Nice long rides. My yellow helmet must have made me look like a dandelion over my bright green shirt, but...I had a great time.

    1. Tragic is exactly what I thought. It was almost painful looking at it. It had just begun to throw ears and now it is dying. Very sad.

      I'm glad you got out. Love the image a scooter riding dandelion!

      Ride on.

  2. I've been thinking of you. Knowing that your temps match ours, if not a ittle higher. As far as the Heat Out gear, do you run hot? I found 105f unbearable here in shorts and shirt (with armor on top) on the interstate. Of course, that just feels like an oven riding on 10 lanes of asphalt. I run hot anyways...and just can't find a way to cool off.

    Tragic for the corn. Ours here is still green, but the trees are starting to turn, (as I sit here typing we are getting hit with a good thunderstorm.)

    Tragic also about the motorcyclists.

    Be safe and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  3. I am breaking out in sweat just reading this. We certainly don't get these temps here. I would have a hard time coping. Buying new gear and testing it right away! Talk about dedication.

  4. K-
    Yep, I can relate! Scenery looks just like here in Ohio, as you know. Everything here is dying and so far no fresh vegetables, no farmer's market, nothing.

    It was 105 this afternoon on my back porch. Relief is in sight, however, with 85 degree temps on the way next week.

    I too took a few days off for "vacation". I wound up spending them indoors reading, napping, cooking, watching old movies due to the heat.

    I park my scoot in the garage doorway where I can look out at her though and it gives me a little "squirt of joy" for the moment!

    Now you can do laundry to pass the time indoors! I find doing laundry very soothing...weird, I know! :=)

  5. Keith:

    I don't know how you can endure those temperatures. We hardly get into the 80's, even during the heat of summer, but we are going to be hot up here. and I mean that mid 80's is really HOT for us

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  6. It is so sad about the riding couple. We must always assume that car will turn in front of us. I wonder why the driver wasn't at least given a 'failure to yield right of way' or 'illegal left turn' citation. Not that it will bring them back. Just tragic all around.

    I am glad the Cycle Gear goods are working. I saw in their flyer where it was on sale and was wondering how well it worked.

    Sure hope your temperatures go down soon. I don't think there is any way to salvage the corn. Do you know if the fields were for feed or fuel or for human consumption? Not that it really matters when it is kaput. Fingers crossed you will see some gentle rain soon.

  7. Keith,

    I can't believe that you even go out. There is a conception that motorcyclists are for tough guys and scooters are for, well, whatever is left, but time and time again I see that that is not the case. I don't even look at the machine these days... I kind of walk by and pretend it's not there. It's easier that way. I bow to your thick skin.

    Behind Bars