Monday, June 17, 2013

The Butterfly House.

We wondered if this fellow was near the end of its life cycle. According to one of the workers they only live two or three weeks.
I don't know who this young woman is, but she was certainly happy to have a visitor.

Heather took this photo. No wonder I couldn't find it.
And here's a link to learn all about the Butterfly House. It was our first visit. We don't plan on it being our last.


  1. Thanks for the visit. I never did make it to the Butterfly House there, so I should see what's going on around here now.

  2. So many pretty butterflies - not that there are ugly ones.

    This makes me think of the butterfly house we have in Buena Vista - a short scoot away. We've never been there before but might just have to.

  3. Such a neat place to hang out!

    At the farm we had fiery orange "butterfly bushes" in the spring and I'd go out there in the morning with my cup of coffee and just watch them flutter around.

    So relaxing.