Monday, July 15, 2013

Can't Help It . . .

I'm a flatlander.

I love lots of sky and space to breath, but shade can be nice, too.

I've noticed as I ride around the flatlands there seems to be lots of rock gardens. I wonder why?

I know in Michigan where I grew up we had piles and piles of rocks. Every Spring more rocks seemed to appear. My first job on the farm was picking up rocks. My Grandpa had a sheet of steel he'd pull behind the Farmall A. He called it a stone boat. I'd roll the bigger stones onto the "boat" and we'd float it to the stone pile.

The head of this dog moved in the wind.

Who knew gnomes had enemies?

I really have to notice my starting odometer reading. I've no idea how far I went, but I'm happy to say it took most of the day to get there.


  1. Keith,
    Sounds like the proper distance:time ratio to me.

  2. I like that last photo. I always love trestles.

    I'm a flatlander, too, as you must already know. I didn't enjoy Colorado that much.

    Funny- in my yard I have no rocks or stones, yet my neighbor across the street has untold reserves, treasures of huge square stone under her soil.

  3. I like rides like that. No particular time to be anywhere, just ride.

    I think in these parts people are turning to more stone gardens so they can conserve water.

    We went under a couple of those types of trestles on Sunday. Do you find the road narrows to one lane through them?

  4. The gnome photo and comment made me laugh. Lol

  5. I like the hippie gnome standing back and letting the others keep watch. :)

    Sounds like the perfect day out.

  6. Lol I love the gnome photo! I love rambling rides were you don't pay attention to odometer readings.