Monday, January 6, 2014

Day Two

The temperatures rose to above 0F/-18C and my temperature seemed still normal so armed with my favorite weapons against snow I ventured forth.

A norse shovel (made in China) and a Japanese Suburito (also made in China)

The enemy really wasn't all that much, I have faced worse.

I made short work of this. The snow was fluffy and light.

Actually, I semi-cleaned off two other cars before I was done. Now, I'm back to drinking lots of fluid, resting, and staying warm and cozy.

And what of the snow goddess?

I love her hat!

She made short work of clearing a path from the garage to the alley. And then, having freed her red chariot she went into work.

I found out a little while ago the Courts are closed again tomorrow. I am grateful. It will give me another day to rest up and get ahead of the curve on this pesky virus.

Heaven knows I could use lots and lots of beauty sleep.


  1. Have they taken to calling it Snowpocalypse yet? They did around here and that was with only 9 inches of snow and temps to 0˚F.

    Hope you are feeling better today. If the court has to be closed, might as well be when you aren't feeling well.

    Oh, and I like her hat too. Very cute.

  2. You're right- that is baby stuff for a Michigander. Or is that Michiganite or Michiganian? Or Michiganonian?

    Hope you feel better each day.

  3. Keith-
    Sorry you are feeling crappy! Hope you get some rest and recover soon.

  4. Hope you're feeling better (don't know about you, but I always feel cheated if I'm sick on a non working day - I never get to call in sick.)
    I love the fluffy snow that can be moved by humans and doesn't take heavy machinery.

  5. Keith, take care of that bug! If your throat is sore I can attest to the virtues of gargling with whiskey, I have had to resort to that on the last two bouts of flu. It sure looks like everyone is getting slammed with snow and cold. We are having rather balmy wet days here on the island, which is typical for our winters. Feel better!