Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cliff Cave Park on eight wheels

Heather and I decided to go for a He Skates/She Bikes date at Cliff Cave Park just south of St. Louis. She was going to do the mountain bike trail and I was going to do the paved trail down in the park. She's been to the mountain bike trail before, I'd never even walked the paved trail, but had been told it was flat.

I dropped her off near where her trail began and then drove down to the other parking area. She was going to join me later after playing in the dirt.
I really wasn't sure what I was getting myself into here. I was relieved to see these skater just coming in from their skate as I pulled into the parking area.

As I was putting on my skates and gear I was surprised to look up and see Heather. Last night's rains had left the trail she was planning on riding too wet. So she was going to ride the paved trail too. Off she went and I didn't see her again until after we had both finished. The paved trail began behind this shelter.

The trail goes through wetlands. I got a picture of these herons.....

And of these two deer.

Apparently they didn't like me looking at them and took off for the woods.

Whenever the trail went into the woods it was wet, and not only wet but there was a thin layer of  wet clay over the trail. This made for some interesting skating to say the least.

Here you can see the bike tracks in the wet clay.

  This isn't a very good picture. It is of the wet clay that has been scraped off the trail. The trail floods and the clay needs to be cleared off the trail so folks like me can use it. If not for them doing this only hikers and cyclists could use this trail. I'm glad they clear it off.
The trail is in two loops. Total distance is five miles. I skated the lower loop three times. I think it is about four miles.  On my last lap I saw this herd of deer. This is the first this year I've seen any bucks. I was excited.

We will do it again...soon. And hopefully this time it will be dry enough for Heather to ride in the dirt!

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  1. Are you sure you don't live in Atlanta? My walking trail has all of the same issues! :) -Lori