Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Decorations

I don't care much for Halloween. All Saints and the concept of All Hallows Eve are a different story, but this isn't about them. This is about the decorations some folks have put in their yards that I do like in spite of my dislike of things Halloweenie.

This house is unique to its neighborhood. It has more of a Mediterranean feel. I think what I like about these decorations is they have more of a carnival feel.
In the driveway of the house is parked an RV and behind the wheel of the RV is . . .
. . . this fellow. I really love that there is a parrot hanging from the rear view mirror.
Of course, I had to include this one. It has flamingos.
Speaking of flamingos, lately I've had the feeling I'm being watched.
I even caught a glimpse of this guy checking out a friend of mine's new Ducati.


  1. I also don't care for Halloween myself, anyway there's not much you can to when living in an apartment. However, I appreciate the effort that some put in their decoration (not the inflatable rubber thingies some put in their garden though). You have certainly caught a few gems.
    Lots of horror is provided by the pink flamingo (is that kind of a fetish?).

  2. OK. That is one freaky gargoyle behind the wheel of the RV. I wonder if he is lit at night? But I do like the evil clown climbing the runs to the roof.

    I dressed as a drowned kayaker for one party years ago, so the skeleton canoe crew calls to me...along with the skeleton flamingos. I need to find those for my dad!

  3. Keith would that little pink flamingo be a buddy of yours? It's pretty cute. I happen to thoroughly enjoy Halloween and have a following in my neighborhood. Every year is decorate the front porch up and then do very scary dramatic witch make-upland stand out in the yard like a statue, then when the kids have collected their loot, I scare the pee out of them. I stand so still that some of them have poke me and not gotten a response and then they are completely freaked when I start moving and cackling. I do have scruples about who I scare and won't scare little wee kids. I scared one lady so bad she peed her pants, it was pretty funny actually. So I do like Halloween, pity is we are getting less and less kids every year. I think they are taking the kids to the malls.

  4. Ha-ha, fun! Just when I was wondering if a flamingo would did!

  5. We are like the anti-holiday people. Or as some friends call us - the anti-everything. As you can guess we don't decorate. On our evening walks we have been noticing the different decorations popping up in the neighborhoods. It is interesting to see so many different ones.

    Love the photos with the flamingos. Keep them coming.

  6. Sonja: I appreciate creativity and I thought both these folks were very creative. I don't think detest is too strong of a word for my feelings re: those, ". . . those inflatable rubber thingies."

    Ah, I must blog about the flamingos one day.

    Lori: I do like the skeleton flamingos as well. Hmmm, I trying to imagine what a drowned kayaker looks like.

    Dar: I'm glad you enjoy Halloween, but I'm more glad you like my little flamingo friend. Thanks for sharing the stories of your Halloweens past.

  7. Kari: Good to hear from you. Funnily, I took the first picture of the skeletons and the canoe before I noticed the flamingos. I was very pleased.

    Trobairitz: The only holidays I really like are Thanksgiving and the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot. I'm not Jewish, but have come to love sitting in my friends' Sukkahs. Both these holidays have no greater agenda than people enjoying each others company. And, eating lots of good food. I like that.

    I suspect you will see more flamingos.

  8. Dear Keith:

    I love Halloween decorations and used to hold great Halloween parties. (These are somewhat passe in the WASP neighborhood where I have been living this past decade.)

    I really love Halloween. I started a tradition here (West Chester, Pa) which has delighted trick or treaters for nearly a decade. I hang a sign on the door that reads, "Do not ring bell. Scream!"

    Kids can be heard screaming on this porch all night. Then I make them sing or dance before they get anything. This house has become a side show on October 31st.

    Nice pictures.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  9. Jack,
    Here in St. Louis they have a tradition where the trick or treaters must tell a joke in order to get a treat. Hadn't run into that one before.

    Somehow I'm not surprised that you used to hold great Halloween parties.

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment.