Saturday, November 5, 2011


On the second day of our trip we became tourists. We did some sightseeing. On the recommendation of Mr. Everyday, Chris Luhman,  the author of Everyday Riding and Everyday Tastiness we stopped at Lake City, Minnesota.

Lake City is on Pepin Lake. The town was pretty deserted the day we were there.

But, from looking at the boats that were being prepared for winter I imagine it is a pretty busy place in the warmer months. I was grateful to be here on a day when it was just pretty.

I'd never seen them shrink wrap boats for storage over the winter. I didn't even know they did such things now. I remember canvas and tarps tied around the boats in dry dock along the Great Lakes. I was fastinated watching the fellow using the blow touch to tighten the plastic.

 When we filled up the Yaris with Gasoline we asked about a good place to eat. A place called Bronk's was suggested.

After driving the road from Lake City into the Twin Cities I suspected in the summer there would be a whole lot of Harley-Davidsons and other cruisers parked around this place. Later Chris confirmed my guess.

My favorite thing about the place was the sign on the men's room.

When we had finished eating we spent some time walking by the lake.

This flock of ducks was quite entertaining. They'd be swimming near the breakwater and . . .

Anytime someone walked by they would take themselves out into the water. They would then float back until someone came walking by again at which time they'd repeat the process. We saw this happen a few times.

I admit I love being by the water. On water is okay. In the water I don't enjoy so much. But, next to the water is very dear to me. One of the things I miss living in St. Louis is the Great Lakes. There is something that feeds my deepest self about being next to such large bodies of water. I'm impressed with the power of the great rivers I live near, but they just aren't the same.

Eventually we pulled ourselves away. We headed up the Minnesota side of the Mississippi River to the Twin Cities. As we went one could still see the signs of agriculture . . .

This field once was filled with Soybeans, but they have been harvested. I had to include a soybean field for Brady.
but we were definitely back among the bluffs along the Great River.


  1. It is nice to get restaurant recommendations from the locals, they know all the good spots. The pictures of the scenery are great. I've never been to the Great Lakes.

  2. I have the same feeling about large bodies of water (sweet or salt water), I just like to be near water. The Great Lakes are still on my bucket list. I have been traveling close to them on business trips, never for pleasure.
    Hope you have more pictures to share.

  3. Trobairitz: This time the recommendation from a local worked out. Heather had a spicy black bean burger and we learned that the Cardinals had come back to beat the Rangers in the 6th game of the World Series. She had turned the game off when Texas was leading 7-4. She is quite the Cardinals fan.

    Yesterday when we filled up at a Gas Station we asked and nothing but blank stares. Finally, a suggestion where we might find a restaurant. Oh well, nothing works all the time :)

  4. Sonja: I think there is something in our make up as human beings that is drawn to oceans and large bodies of water. It certainly seems so for most folks I know. There will be more pictures but non of the Great Lakes. We didn't get near them this trip. I'm sure there will be more pictures with water in them.

  5. Good pics Keith. Love Lake Pepin. We'll be there in a few hours. I think you're on to something with "being next to large water" the Mississippi is nice to look at, but it's no superior.

  6. Chris: Wonderful play on words. The Mississippi certainly ain't Superior. I was much taken by Lake Pepin. Thanks for the tip. Enjoy!

  7. Keith these are beautiful pictures. I lived on the water in the Harbour on a 800 square foot float home. I lived on board for 10 years and we moved to dry land when my daughter was 11 months old. it was an amazing lifestyle.

    I loved the gents room sign, made me giggle.

  8. I think you're right about our attraction to large bodies of water. I used to really enjoy sailing and prefer salt water to fresh. I think I like the smells of the ocean.

  9. Dar: I've seen a comment or two of yours about having lived on the water. I'm glad the gents sign made you chuckle. It did me, too.

  10. Richard: There just is no smell like the ocean, is there?

  11. What a pretty place. Interesting...shrink wrapping with blue tarp. I've never heard of such! That time of year when we tuck away the summer toys.

    I feel the same way about water. I like being near it, or in my kayak floating on it. I don't like being in it much at all. Great photos from your day!