Monday, November 14, 2011


We left the Twin Cities committed to meandering, to stopping to take photos whenever we wanted, and to taking our time. Chris had suggested we take Rte.35 along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi river. 

It was a great suggestion.

We began stopping at each of the roadside historical markers located along Rte.35. It seemed like a good idea at first, but there were so many. We eventually stopped stopping.
Here's the bow and arrow.

Both Heather and I tend to get in the car and head for a destination. That's not how it is when I ride the Symba. Heather has heard me speak of this different quality of experience. I think we were trying on doing the drive home differently, trying to bring to it some of the wandering childlike wonder I experience when riding my Symba.

We really did turn around and try for that photo that would have just gone by too fast to catch (even if the photo didn't quite work). 

We enjoyed spending some more time on the shores of Lake Pepin. This time on the Wisconsin side.

But the treasure of the day was Fountain City.

The place that drew us was just a boat launch.  But this day there seemed to be a magic about it. This day it was Brigadoon. I suspect we will never be able to go back again. The little islands will still be there. The dock will still be there. Still it will never be the same as it was for us on this singular overcast Autumn day.

After we left Fountain City we didn't stop until we stopped for the night. It was well after dark.

And, we were back in Iowa.


  1. I know the Brigadoon phenomenon so well. It is still there somewhere in the pictures, I can almost see it. Almost...

  2. What is the "Brigadoon phenomena"? I thought it was something like a mirage or something.

    I like to stop and read the monument signs or whatever along the roads but I think that I'm the only one in the family that does. Everyone else gets annoyed...


  3. Sonja: I'm glad you can almost see it in the pictures. So, can I . . . almost.

    Richard: I was thinking the musical Brigadoon. I've added a link to the Wikipedia entry about Brigadoon.

    I think they overdid the historical markers on this particular road. I usually like to stop, but they were a little close together and some of them were . . . well . . . a little forced and not at all interesting. So, we gave up on them.

  4. What a great day on the road.

    The pictures of the water are beautiful. I can't believe how still it is. It is nice that the reflections are so clear.

  5. Great pictures, good on you for taking it in, in this fast pace world no body stops to just "look" any more. Looks like it was a great few days.

  6. Very nice! I'm glad you liked WI-35. My favorites are maiden rock and fountain city too. good places to sit and stare at the water.

  7. CB, you've got some really nice photos here! Beautiful!

  8. Very nice images! I'm loving the pano shots.

  9. Keith,

    Your panoramic of the lake reminds me of home. I love the midwest, though it might not always contain the most flavorful riding, it's home. Thanks for sharing.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  10. Tiny: Thanks for kind words about the photos. Like you I shoot what I see and sometimes it actually comes out looking like what I saw.

    Kari: This was the first time I tried the pano feature. A couple turned out pretty well . . . and others had a fish bowl effect. It is something I want to work with. Thanks for stopping by!

    Brady: I, too, love the Midwest. A secret just between you and me -- I was very disappointed the first time I was in the mountains, and I'm talking the Grand Tetons. The first big vista was nice, the second okay, and by the third they starting looking alike. Ah but, home there is always something to look at: the texture of the fields, what is in or was in that field, the different colors of green, etc.

    Thanks for stopping by. My guess is you're getting used to all the different shades of gray. I hear the fog can be very impressive there as well. Be well!

  11. Keith

    Beautiful pictures! You definitely have an eye to capturing beautiful images.

  12. Great day on the road after such a pleasant weekend! I'm glad the weather was so mild to enjoy the time sightseeing, looking and riding. And really happy at the good camaraderie.

  13. Dear Keith:

    As it said in "Field of Dreams," Iowa could be heaven. Very cool pictures. I don't think there are 50 people in the world who remember Brigadoon.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  14. Lori: It is good to hear your voice. You have been missed. I hope the new bike is keeping you busy. I'd rather it be that than: all work and no play . . .

  15. Is remembering Brigadoon a sign of my maturity? I saw Brigadoon first when I was a kid on an amazingly small TV screen and in black and white. I've been enchanted by it ever since. Good to hear from you.

  16. ;) Unfortunately, work has been a large pain in the side. But there is something to be said to being gainfully employed at this time. It will allow me to pay for that little toy. We have been bonding. Or should I say...having to force myself to ride the "R" bike once in awhile. Thank you for asking. I'm glad you had such a great trip!