Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Second Day of the Year

I didn't ride on New Year's Day, but I did make it out on the second day of the year.

My first ride of the new year was loosely tied to two destinations: Carodolet Park and Tower Grove Park. It was 33F with wind gusts of 40mph. Not ideal riding conditions, but other than the wind gusts not that bad either. Most importantly there was an abundance of sunshine.

I don't like wind, but I hadn't ridden since last Thursday and I was beginning to get a little grouchy. I was needing space.


Riding gives me space, and with space comes things of the spirit . . . and when moving with the things of the spirit can come gratitude. It's difficult, perhaps impossible to be grouchy and grateful at the same time.

First off I headed for Carodolet Park. I discovered this park anew when I traced the route of the Rock and Roll Marathon. It has become a favorite space of mine ever since.

There is still a surprising amount of green around. And, don't you think clouds look crisper on a chilly day?

And, surrounded by trees that have lost their leaves, don't the trees with needles seem to stand a little more proudly?

While not as windy as the day before, it was still plenty windy. You can see the mist from the aeration plume being blown toward the Boathouse.

Next to Tower Grove Park.

But, on my way to Tower Grove Park I happened by Roosevelt High School. 

The light wasn't the best, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of this beautiful building.

And, now Tower Grove Park.

What I love about Tower Grove Park is its wonderful picnic shelters and pavilions. I travel by the southern boundary of the Park on my morning commute to work.

It seems that nearly every park of any size in the City has water features. Tower Grove Park is no exception.

Yes, it says, "No Parking". But, I'm sure the sign was meant for something other then the beautiful Miss Billie, aren't you?

Did I mention the wind was blowing?

I thought I had.

Did I mention I was getting grouchy?

If I did, never mind.


  1. Lovely day for a ride! It always seems better when the sun is shining! Great pictures. I didn't ride at all when I was off on vacation, I looked at my scooter & my bike, but the weather was terrible. Glad you got out on Miss Billie!

  2. Awesome pictures, so crisp and clear. Love the new blog header too.

    Just something about riding in the sunshine on a chilly day.......

  3. Dear Keith:

    Happy New Year!

    There is nothing like the promise of a mild winter or at least a snowless, iceless beginning of the season not typically conducive to riding. I hope the rest of the month is as kind to you. Nice pictures of the park.

    Fondest rtegards,

  4. Good looking High School building you got there.....high winds is not my preferred riding environment either; but when one must ride, one must ride.

    I give you a peek at Denver's four main high schools: LINK


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  5. I totally identify with the need for space. We had a week of company for the holidays. Not that it wasn't good to see them, mind you.

    However, when we were in a large department store the clerk asked if they could help us find something.

    "Yes, elbow room" immediately came out of my mouth. Katie demanded I go for a ride.

  6. I'm glad the day was nice enough for a ride. Nice to get out and clear the cobwebs. I like the new banner picture. Happy New Year!