Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leo goes ATGATT

Leo is a cat. We are his humans. While he hasn't shown an interest in riding, he is definitely all for the gear.
Leo gearing up.

It took him some time to get the right fit.

And, while it may be a cliche, it appears he wears his gear "purr-fectly".


  1. What a great picture. My cats don't care at all about the gear. They however have gotten used to me driving up in the driveway. They used to run off, but now just look up at me as if to say "Oh, It's You"

  2. Thanks Jim. I assume you talking about the last picture. That's my favorite. I took the first two, and Heather took the last one.

    When Leo was a kitten he was ran over by a car. He was found by a woman who took him to the vet. He had a broken pelvis. He managed to survive but had some major nerve damage. Heather adopted him. It has been quite a journey for him and us. He missed out on some socialization. He was a bit of a challenge. He's a biter. He's coming around and is turning into a rather nice cat. Now that he's three years old he's mellowing.

    When he first came he had trouble jumping up into the window. Now, on a good day he can jump nearly as well as any cat. We're not sure this is good news or not. It was nice having a cat that couldn't jump up on kitchen counters or bedroom dressers.

    He is a survivor.