Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Tonight, Snow Tomorrow, And Wind On Wednesday

It begins with ice.
When I got to the parking lot after work this was my windshield

A co-worker working on her windshield. She and I walked to the lot together. We got sprayed by a passing car on our way. It wasn't a mere misting, I'm talking a wall of water. She got really wet. I was wearing my rain gear and waterproof boots. I don't think she liked me very much at that moment. But, I helped her clean off her car and all was forgiven.

By the time I finished helping my friend clear her windows my rear window didn't look like this anymore. The ice was pretty much melted off. I'm always surprised at why folks here don't just let the car warm up before they start scraping. Maybe I'm just lazy.
Now we wait to see how much snow covers the ice. The forecasters at the National Weather Service were referring to this storm as "potentially historic" in its severity. Now they are referring to it as merely "crippling." I guess that is a down grade.


  1. LOL! Some "downgrade"... It still sounds like it would hurt! Good luck and stay warm. Maybe SO will have another snow day? :)


  2. There are blizzard warnings for west of here. I just hope we don't get so much ice that we have power outages.

    Yeah, some down grade, hey?


  3. As soon as summer arrives I want to see some sunny pics. Your pictures always have me reaching for a blanket and its 88f here to day.

  4. Wow Keith,
    Really nasty ice! I agree. I heat my car up. Melts the ice/frost and makes the car toasty.

    Weather is on TV right now and they're talking about the big storm! We are getting colder, but staying dry.

  5. Sonja: Amen.

    Raftnn: I promise.

    bluekat: We've now been included in the Blizzard Warning Area. I'm not much of a DQ fan. Oh well. It is around noontime and we are still getting sleet. The snow is yet to come.

  6. Yea, boo on scraping. I just turn on the bike and it mostly falls off. ahahaha

    We got about six inches over the last day or two. As much as I enjoy riding in snow, I'm ready for spring now.

    -Chris @ - year round riding in Minnnesota

  7. I would trun my vehicle on to speed up snow/ice melting on the windshield...but it is a diesel...and takes FOREVER to warm up. Wouldn't do me any good! LOL. Good luck hitting on the edge of that storm. The thunderstorms are moving into my area right now.