Monday, January 24, 2011


He broods over the map
highlighter in hand,
old school,
tracing out possible rides
while outside
the snow is on the ground
and ice,
in patches,
covers the roads.

He yearns and waits
yet is not idle.
And, in the doing
comes a taste of peace,
but serenity remains elusive,
calling to him and
longing for the twist of his wrist.

~Circle Blue


  1. Ahhh... PMS. Where are you daydreams taking you? What plots await? :)


  2. I love paper maps and highlighters. I have spent many winters days studying and marking up maps...

    Looks like you are taking the scenic route to the Cape. Your Highlighter didn't look to hit Bixby, but the General store has a pretty good sandwich if you are needing fuel (MO32 & MO49). If you like Cajun food you can't beat Broussard's in Cape Giradeau. GAW

  3. Planning future routes and trips are good for the soul when you can't get out on two wheels.

    Just think of all the rides you'll take when the weather makes a turn for the better.

    Maybe you'll have run out of ink in the highlighter and have to go out for a new one. Sounds like a good excuse for a ride.

  4. I liked your poem Keith. I'm missing my two-wheeled steeds too. (yes, even though I am still riding).

    Are you highlighting a northern route perhaps? :)

    -Chris @ - year round riding in Minnnesota

  5. We hit the Bixby Gen Store about 10 times a year. We are actually packing up a group form the SLSC this weekend and going to visit Bridget and the girls! Miss her Taco Salads!

  6. Lori,
    It's not like Billie can gobble up the miles. Her top speed on level ground is around 50mph and she cruises best at around 45mph.

    I'd like to make it up to Hannibal and I like to make it down to Cape Girardeau. Those are probably the big targets for this summer.

    Thanks for dropping by,

  7. GAW,
    I've heard stories of Bixby.

    Actually, I ordered a map from the Adventure Cycling Association:

    This is a bicycle touring. I thought it might give me some good ideas of where I might be able to take my 101cc bike. The map I ordered is from Muscatine IA to the Cape. It looks like an interesting route.

    We'll see.

    Thanks for the comment and the tip about the restaurant in Cape. It is good to hear from you.


  8. Trobairitz,
    Last summer Billie was challenged with some mechanical issues. I rode a lot of miles but pretty much within the Metropolitan Area. We seem to have those issues sorted out and I hope to get out and expand my range. Stay tuned.

    I suspect the snow will be melted enough and the temperatures up enough that I'll be riding again this Thursday. I am very ready.


  9. Chris,
    North? Yes, but probably only as far as Hannibal. It takes a long time to get any where on me wee chariot LOL.

    How far Nort' were you thinking? I must admit it would be interesting to meet a certain sidecar rig that dwells in the Twin Cities. Let's see what is it's name? Oh yeah, "the ural." :)

    Thanks for your support, ideas, and comments.

  10. Maggie,
    I saw that on the Club Forum. Caging it to Bixby. I might like the twisties that way. I don't think I can manage it, but there's a slight chance. Don't wait for me.

  11. Wonderful little poem!
    I don't care what anyone says, there is something special about a paper map. I've taken many adventures following a little line printed there.

  12. Keith:

    Nice poem. You are such a romantic. Maybe one day I too can make it to Bixby, would probably take me a week to get there.

    I have a map of North American beside my couch where I do my blogging. I often look at the map of the USA, then I go to the individual states and wonder too . . .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  13. bluekat,
    I agree with you about the map, and I don't think it is simply because I'm an old fart (although that may be true as well).

  14. bob,
    A romantic, hey? I'll have to see what Heather thinks about that.

    Funnily, at the incredible speeds I push Billie to it might take me a week to get there :)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  15. You are a poet and a romantic dreamer... I have several old maps, but now I rely some much on my GPS that the thought of looking at a map never occurs to me anymore