Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Day of Triple Digit Temperatures.

Besides not tempting the road rash gods a good thing about wearing gear when riding in this weather is all the women who tell me I look hot.

It's so hot here that even the spider webs are "shimmering."


  1. Circle Blue - you look so hot!!!


    (word verification was howalsky. hehehe)

  2. Of course they tell you I need to say more!

  3. Ha, good one. Sorry about the hot hot weather you guys are having. Seems to be one extreme or the other this year.

    We are finally having weather in the high 80's and that seems hot for us.

  4. This just made my day. Man, you look so darn HOT! (sorry I HAD do do it).

    The web is a nice catch.

  5. lol - Funny! Hope the weather cools down though. I don't like to get anywhere close to triple digits!