Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Chilly Day In February, Part 1

It was another Saturday and Heather again was headed to the office. She asked me what I was planning to do with my day, but before I could answer she said, "I know what you're going to do. You're going to ride aren't you?" And, of course she was right. She is always right. (Yes, she does read this blog.)

I  found my way to Carondolet Park....again.
It was a crystal clear blue day. The temperature when I left the condo was 25F/-4C. It became clear to me very early on that I had one too many layers on.

I was getting warm and feeling perspiration on my brow. Not a good thing anytime, but especially bad on a cold day ride.

There is a shop I've seen off Morganford called Plaza Pastries & Donuts. I'd never been there and now seemed like a great time to head in that direction. 

The shop sets back off of Morganford and it was a bit of a chore to navigate the one way streets.

When I walked in I told the woman behind the counter I'd been wanting to see what this shop was about. She apologized for being sold out of donuts. All she had left were cupcakes and a couple of cookies. She told me it had been a very busy morning. I assured it was okay since I was there mostly to shed a layer, that I'd been overheating. She was incredulous. She told me when she saw me pull up she thought to herself how cold I must be and here I was telling her I was too warm. No way. I invited her to touch my forehead which was still "glistening". She commented, "Wow, you are hot." I thanked her for noticing and we both had a good laugh.

I took her last chocolate-chip cookie and sat down at one of the two tables. As I ate my cookie I chatted with Aletha. I learned how all this started because her mother was looking for a place to have a daycare. They founded that on one corner of the building, then came the donut shop and next the restaurant which is located in front of the shop and on the main street. While we talked I got to meet her husband. He was working in the restaurant. It is only open Saturday and Sunday for breakfast and lunch. The donut shop is open everyday but Monday. I'm thinking Heather and I need to check out the restaurant some Saturday morning.

Alas, Aletha was shy about me taking her photo. And, I wasn't going to use her name until she gave me a business card with her name on it. Then, I figured it would be alright. She and her husband seem like really good people.

I geared back up with one layer less and headed toward Downtown.
(To be continued)


  1. Sounds like a great start to the day. It is neat to discover what is inside those little shops we pass by on so many occasions, but haven't yet stopped.

    That second pic with your mirror in it is really cool.

  2. I really love your way of story telling.

  3. I love the pond photo. Really puts me right there. And you chose a cookie over a cupcake????? Even one with sprinkles????? ~:^O

  4. Sunny skies, crisp cool air, cookies and a day of exploring - Great start! :)

    Agree with the others - love the pond photo #2