Sunday, October 3, 2010

The First Weekend in October

I took the MSF Basic Rider Course last year during the first weekend of October. I just had to go by the Community College and check out the range. And, sure enough there was a class going on. Heather was with me and we watched for a while and I took a few photos.

The weekend I took the course I rode one of the yellow dual sports. There was only one on the Range today. I was happy to see it.

They have added a couple of Suzuki TU250s. I was glad to see this. We think there was a couple taking the class together. There was a guy and a gal with matching helmets. This got Heather and me talking. I've been thinking about repeating the beginner course since there isn't an advanced class for us scooter folks. She is beginning to try on the idea of us taking the course together. Could be interesting. But no matching helmets, please.


  1. Dueling Scooters!! LOL. That would be fun! -Lori

  2. I think Team Oregon, our local motorcycle class added some scooters to their fleet of bikes. I tried to get my husband to take a class with me this year, but his bike has a mystery leak we haven't found, so isn't fit for a class. I think it would be great if you two get do a class together!

  3. Kudos for taking the course last year. I admit to not everhaving taken the course, but frequently think about it. Instead, I read voraciously about a lot of things of the two wheel conundrum. I learn a lot from other blogs as well.


  4. Lori: Actually, she has announced she would like to ride two-up. I told her if she wanted to do that I wanted her to take the MSF Class. That said, I suspect she'll like riding and that could open up whole new worlds for her and us.

    Bluekat: I'm always impressed with what Team Oregon is doing. You all are blessed to have that organization. I, too, think it would be great to share taking the class with her. I think it best if someone else teaches her to ride. I'd rather be colleagues in this than being her teacher.

    Jim: I, too, read a lot about riding and one of the main reasons I began reading blogs was to learn more about riding. The course was difficult for me. I'm afraid I don't like being a beginner very much anymore LOL.