Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fish Tacos

Whenever my Aunt Phyllis (my Dad's twin sister) and my Grandma Raske would go shopping in Saginaw they would go to Long John Silver's to eat. That was my Grandma's choice. It was a most favorite place of hers. At times in the past whenever I was missing my Grandma particularly much I'd find myself sitting in a Long John Silver's.

A couple of years or so ago, the Long John's in Kirkwood closed. And, I didn't know where there was another. When I moved, as luck would have it, there was a Long John's in the neighborhood. I kept saying to myself, "I should stop by and get some fish and chips." But, I didn't seem to get around to it. Then I bought a scooter.

Right after I bought Lil' Blue I began noticing a 50cc scooter parked in front of Long John's. Since it was there nearly every day, I guessed it might belong to an employee. And so, one Saturday afternoon I stopped in.

The scooter belonged to Chuck. I have met other scooter riders like him since. His scooter is his transportation. If he can't ride it, he either walks or takes the bus. Rain or shine, warm or cold he rides. He bought it because it was cheap and he thought reliable..and it has been for him. The only time he doesn't ride is when it snows or when his scoot won't start. It doesn't like the cold very much and when it's cold it doesn't like to start. His scooter isn't a fashion accessory. He wouldn't know a Rocker from a Mod. It gets him from here to there and back again.

 Here's Chuck's scoot. Notice the top case. This is his third one. Each one has been a little bigger. If he goes any bigger he may need to add ballast to the front.

When I used to go to Long John's I would get fish and chips. But now they've introduced fish tacos. They aren't all that healthy but seem a better choice than fish and chips and they are cheap, much cheaper than the grilled salmon which would be definitely a healthier choice. The fish tacos are nothing special, soft tortilla, fried fish, lettuce and a mild creamy spicey sauce (Baja).

Two fish tacos...two bucks.
And now, because it is on my way home from work I drop in every Friday. It has become a tradition--dinner with Grandma and a chat with Chuck.

Lil' Blue in the parking lot at Long John Silver's

Life is good.


  1. Laughed over the ballast comment. Love it.

    Glad you are having some good dinners with grandma.


  2. Chuck is amazing. He doesn't have much of a mechanical clue about things. For example, I'm going to show him how to kick-start his scoot one of these days. But, he rides and delights in the freedom it gives him.

    Grandma has been gone a long time now. It really is amazing how time passes. My aunt is gone, too. Good memories of them both.


  3. Essentially a vehicle is just a means of getting from one place to another, be it scooter, motorcycle or car. Yeah, there is some fun too, but the real purpose is just transportation. At least to me. I got to admire people that use 2 wheeled transport for just everyday getting around.
    As to fish tacos? Well, let me just say I haven't developed a real appreciation for those yet, although a fish burrito is tolerable to me. But it sounds like the weekly get together is just as or possibly more important than the food itself.

  4. Jim: It is most definitely more about the memories and chat than the food.

    Thanks for stopping by.