Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles are found in nearly all the great spiritual traditions. They are used to draw us into numinous space and to help us recognize we are standing on holy ground. I'm always on the look out for Sacred Circles. Here are some I've found so far this Fall.

First from Nature:

Bee Tree Park

Castlewood State Park

And sometimes a Sacred Circle finds me and I bring it to paper and color:

But enjoying a good sunset always reminds me of my place in the great Circle of Life:

The Sun setting over Creve Couer Lake.

Life is good.


  1. Nice illustration. I'll have to go looking for some sacred circles. As I recall we had one last spring...a little fairy circle of mushrooms in the backyard.

  2. Bluekat: Happy hunting! Fairy circles are very cool.

    Thanks for showing interest.