Sunday, December 12, 2010

. . . But This Was Close

We were told it was coming, but not until late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. So, Heather and I headed out in the rain to visit my friend Cory. She was displaying her wares at the Jewelry to the Third Degree Show at the Third Degree Glass Factory.
Neither Heather or I had ever been to the Third Degree Glass Factory. It describes itself as a, "public-access glass art education center." Years ago I had another friend who learned to blow glass at the Third Degree Glass Factory. I'd been curious, but had never had a good enough reason to stop in until now.
There were at least thirty different metal workers and bead artists involved with the show. I was impressed not only by the quality of the work but at the reasonable prices.
We found Cory.
I love Cory's work. I forget how truly talented she is. She has a website:
After spending some time with Cory and checking out the other artists we went to the History Museum in Forest Park. We spent a couple of hours checking out the exhibit Homelands: How Women Made the West.  I didn't take any pictures inside the Museum. I guess I could have. There was a woman who seemed to be taking pictures of everything and no one said anything. Thankfully, she wasn't using flash.

When we had worked up a good appetite we headed to the Loop in University City and one of our favorite places.
Al Tarboush has great Falafel.
And, the spinach pies was pretty good, too.
Since they said it was coming, we decided to make Saturday our play day. This was a good choice.

When I got up this morning it had arrived.
This is the scene that greeted me as I opened the door to leave the condo.
The snow was very light. It was what I'd call dry snow. It just brushed off the car. No scraping required.
Christmas Card?

Before I left the condo I checked to see how much snow had fallen. At 6:45 am we had 2.8 inches with more expected as the day went on.

When I returned home later the snow had stopped but the blowing was beginning. The Weather Channel was reporting as much as 6 inches in some places. I don't think we got that much here.
Winds with gusts as high as 50 mph were anticipated.

The snow beginning to form drifts

It may get as cold as 5 degrees F tonight. I suspect one will be able to skate on this alley by morning..
Yep, Winter paid a visit to St. Louis. I've lived here over twenty years now and have to say that Winter like I grew up with hasn't come calling very often, but this was close.

Billie is safe in the garage and snuggled up with her Opti-Mate. I suspect she will have a few days before she ventures out again. Pity.


  1. We got a bunch too. Just uploading another video to youtube now. 15" or so and 0F with -10ish tonight. bummer you can't ride :\

  2. Chris,
    I have some things I needed to take into work that will transport better in the car, but haven't wanted to "burn" a riding day to do so. So, tomorrow I will feel fine about not riding, but I suspect after that I will begin the becoming a grumpy old fart transformation.

    No Hippo Hands yet. The tracking info says they arrived in "the nation of their destination" on 10 December. I expect them sometime this week.

    Keep it safe up there.

  3. Brrrrr. One thing about Oregon don't have to shovel it. Hope it melts and you can get riding again.

  4. Trobairitz,
    I hope so too. But, having checked the roads out on the way home and looking ahead at the forecasts this my be a week of no riding. Oh well, careful is as careful does.

  5. Dear Keith:

    The trouble with living in a place that is not accustomed to getting much in the way of a typical winter is what happens when a storm does arrive. Last year, we got 40 inches of snow here in two weeks, and that was pretty overwhelming for metropolitan Philly.

    I have not had a regular commute in 15 years... But I suspect that is about to change. I didsn't realize you lived in St. Louis. I passed through there a month ago.

    Stay off the black ice and the sanded corners.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twiated Roads

  6. Jack,

    Yep, I now live in St. Louis, Missouri. I grew up in Michigan, St. Louis, Michigan. This has been a constant source of amusement to my father. Winters are definitely different . . . and peoples attitudes toward winter is much different.

    You? Regular commute? Sounds ominous. I'm staying tuned.


  7. The glass factory sounds like a fun place to visit. I love the arts, and glass works are beautiful. Your friend Cory does lovely work! I agree, very talented.

    The snow is beautiful, especially the one photo, Christmas card. Very pretty scene. I must say, I'm glad you have the snow. As pretty as it is, I don't like to drive in it, and I hate being stuck in the house! :)

  8. The glass factory did sound great. Will have to check out your friends website tonight.

    This morning temps registered at 15.9F here in ATL. Had to follow hubby to the rental car place to drop off a car. Black ice on a couple of our roads and I was thinking of you. No way could I have gotten on my bikes in those temps! More power to you!! Hope the withdrawls are mild. -Lori :)

  9. Kari,
    Fortunately, snow doesn't keep me inside, but I do hate not being able to ride. I keep thinking there might be a sidecar rig in my future, but for the life of me I can't figure out where I'd put it. I'd like to find out what it's like to ride in the snow.

  10. Lori,
    The Glass Factory is a neat place. I didn't take any pictures of their gallery, but I bet they have some on their website.

    It is different riding in the cold. The nice thing about Billie is: She handles much like a bicycle. And, she is easy to pick up off the ground LOL