Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is the longest I've gone without being on a bike or scooter since last February. 

Years ago, back in Michigan, when I was learning to drive my Dad once asked me, "How's the best way to drive on ice?" I don't remember how I responded but I remember his answer, "The best way is not to."

With ice to the left  . . . .
And ice to the right . . .
Billie waits.
Of course, in the real world sometimes one has to do what one has to do. That said, I personally wouldn't risk taking a two wheeled vehicle out on an icy street, but if I had three wheels rather than two . . . .


  1. If you can't pull off the sidecar, what about training wheels?? ;) -Lori

  2. Lori,
    Hopefully, I will be back on the road tomorrow or Sunday and my mood will improve. I am definitely curious about a sidecar rig, but since mpg is a big deal for me, it would have to be able to do better than my Yaris.

  3. A scooter sidecar would get decent mileage. The Ural has never gotten me more than 38mpg.

    I would counter your dad's phrase with: the best way to learn to drive on ice and snow is to do it. However, don't be reckless.

    It's a skill that requires practice. :)

  4. My Dad's point was that ice, unlike snow and other driving conditions there can be times where there is just nothing you can do, it can render you pretty helpless. I agree with practice you can avoid some of those situations. I continue to be amazed at the way some folks here in Missouri drive when it is icy out. Oy! Of course, here let a little rain happen and the accidents go way up, too.

    On the ADVrider forum Claude has been talking about a Rebel he is hacking. I'm thinking that I would improve my performance over the Symba and still get go millage. Yeah, I sort of figured the Yaris and the Ural were sort of a toss up mpg wise.

    Of course, I still have the storage issue. Oh well.

  5. sidecars can haul lots of stuff :)

  6. Chris,
    The problem is storing the rig. Only one garage and the Lady's Honda Accord will not be budging anytime soon.