Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey, I'm Wearing Hose

I don't know her name. I see her around the Courthouse. She works for a different part of the Judiciary than I do. She has the most wonderful smile. I had not seen her for sometime and had actually wondered if she had moved on to another position or to a different building.

This morning I was running a little earlier than I normally do. As I walked toward the Courthouse there she was crossing the street. We walked together and chatted. She wondered how it was that I didn't freeze riding to work in the cold. I pointed out to her that I was wearing gloves--she was not. I was wearing a hat--she was not. And, I was wearing pants--she was not.

"Hey, I'm wearing hose," she protested and we both laughed.

"Of course, I'm teasing you," I said, "But seriously, it's all about dressing appropriately. Actually, in this gear I'm nice and toasty."

She asked me if I rode a motorcycle or a scooter. I told her I rode a small motorcycle. When I mentioned I get over 100mpg, her eyes got really big. "That's awesome," she said.

"And, it's great fun," I said, and added, "And, I get to wear all these really cool looking warm clothes!"

"And, you look damn good doing it," she said.

I liked her response better than the guy at the coffee shop. When I walked in earlier this morning he said, "The Martian has landed."

Oh well, it was a little bit warmer this morning. It was 16F when I left the house. The forecasters are predicting a warm-up for the next couple of days, but the weekend could bring first rain, then snow with temperatures dropping into the single digits by Sunday night.


  1. HA!! "The Martian has landed" Tomorrow you need to tell him about the hot girl that thinks you are "da Man"! :) -Lori

  2. Dear Keith:

    First of all, I would know the first name of every woman with a wonderful smile in a building where I worked... That's a given. And if the smile was really wonderful, I'd also know the first ten digits of their phone numbers too. And if she said I looked good in my gear, I'd plan on getting a much bigger motorcycle in the spring. (I'd recommrend a used BMW K75 while they are still around.)

    And the next time she volunteers information about her hose, offer to install the next pair. I am impressed with tem temperatures you're riding in.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  3. Lori,
    The guy who made the Martian comment went on to tell me he was supposed to play golf yesterday, but he called it off. Playing golf with the temperatures in the low 20F's, now that would be crazy.

  4. Ms Bluekat,
    Thanks for dropping by and giving emphasis to Lori's comment.

  5. Dear Jack,
    I may have asked her name and she may have given it to me. Since the little incident with my head names frequently slip right through what I call my mind, but I don't forget a smile. And, I never forget a kind heart.

    It has been brisk on the rides into work. I'm looking forward to a bit warmer temps tomorrow, but next week looks cold again.

  6. I agree with Lori and Bluekat.....

    and.......always take the word of a woman with a pretty smile over that of a disgruntled coffee house worker. Now if you can find a cute woman at the coffee shop with a pretty smile who likes you in your gear, you'll be set.

  7. Trobairitz (aka: Grubby Little Urchin),

    Wise words on whose opinion to trust.

    And, actually I did meet my love at that very coffee shop. She has the most wonderful smile and likes me in my gear, and . . .

    out of it as well.


  8. Dear Mq01,

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.


  9. See?? Just proves that barista is a weeny. Wouldn't even play golf in 20 deg temps. I've seen guys out playing with snow on the ground. Admittedly the sun was out brightly shining, but it was downright cold!

  10. Awesome Keith. You should get some video of your ride and compete in the polar bear challenge with me. Since you ride regularly I think you'd do very well.